You can buy every type of training practise as a gift voucher and give it to someone close as a present!

The vouchers are printed on both sides: on the reverse side is a spacee to write the names of the person who is receiving it and of the person giving it and also type of the lesson. Every gift voucher has its own unique code and is valid for three months from the date of purchase.

If you ale looking for some unforgettable entertainment, why not give it a shot? We have a wide arrange of guns and we can always customise our offers to your particular requirements!

It is possible to arrange a meeting for almost every day of the week. Call or write to us and we will answer all of your shooting- related questions.

We can also organise individual and group lessons as well.

Call us now! - +48 883 188 885

We shoot seven days a week.

Basic shooting with an instructor:

Choose from 11 different types of guns!

Cost: 180 zł/person

Number of rounds: 45

Time: Approx. 1,5 hrs

Shooting lessons for beginners (level 1)

Every lesson is conducted by an instructor!

  • the basics of personal safety, gun handling and aiming:
  • basic shooting with an instructor - 45 rounds
  • extended shooting with an instructor - 61 rounds
  • intense shooting with an instructor - 90 rounds

Shooting for kids:

Lesson includes:

  • 50 rounds
  • 25x .22lr (pistol)
  • 25x .22lr (rifle)
  • time approx. 1,5 hrs

Intermediate shooting lessons (level 2)

      • Improve your shooting and accuracy

      • the basics of using guns in sport:
      • improve your cal. .22lr pistol shooting
      • improve your cal. 9x19 pistol shooting
      • improve your cal. pistol/ shotgun/ rifle shooting

Demolition man!

Shooting includes:

  • shooting at everyday objects
  • making unusual souvenirs and decorations
  • shooting particular objects by request


    Team building activities

  • stag night evenings
  • family picnics
  • company events
  • mini competitions