Basic shooting with an instructor

    • Choose from 11 different types of guns!

      • Cost:
      • 180 zł/person
      • Number of rounds: 45
      • Time: Approx. 1,5 hrs

Shooting lessons for beginners (level 1)

Every lesson is conducted by an instructor!

  • the basics of personal safety, gun handling and aiming:
  • basic shooting with an instructor - 45 rounds
  • extended shooting with an instructor - 61 rounds
  • intense shooting with an instructor - 90 rounds

Shooting for kids

Lesson includes:

  • 50 rounds
  • 25x .22lr (pistol)
  • 25x .22lr (rifle)
  • Time approx. 1,5 hrs

Intermediate Shooting Lessons (level 2)

    Improve your shooting and accuracy

  • the basics of using guns in sport:
  • improve your cal. .22lr pistol shooting
  • improve your cal. 9x19 pistol shooting
  • improve your pistol/ shotgun/ rifle shooting


Shooting includes:

  • shooting at everyday objects
  • making unusual souvenirs and decorations
  • shooting particular objects by request


    Team building activities

  • stag night evenings
  • family picnics
  • company events
  • mini competitions

Shooting is a great fun for everyone!

It doesn't matter how old are you or what is your gender. Everyone should try sport shooting. It is a great fun a unforgetable entertainment. It gives you a bunch of good energy and adrenaline, especially when shoot with bigger guns!

We shoot on the open shooting range because of that we may use every kind of weapon we have and we avoid of lead poisoning witch is inevitable on closed ones.

Is Shooter Ready?

SHOOTER READY offers wide arrange of shooting especially for beginners individual and in bigger organised groups. I concentrate on safety ans especially on having fun and entertainment. Check my offer and if you have some special wishes - tell or write to me and I'll try to realise it. Shooting is the great oportunity to let your mind rest from daily duty at last!

Why Shooter Ready?

Nice and proffesional instructor. Longtime experience with teaching people new abilities.

Good prices and attitude to client.

Our shooting range is open spaced by roofed so weather doesn't matter to us!


I conduct all shooting lessons in English.

For more details please write me on: info@shooterready.pl

Contact (bureau 24/7)

Shooter Ready
ul. Agatowa 13,
Lublin 20-571
SHOOTING RANGE: Wąwolnica ul. Kębelska (Google Maps as "strzelnica wss sten)
We shoot 7 days a week 7!
If you have any questions, Contact with me!