Basic shooting with instructor

Shooting Lessons in Lublin

Who are these lessons for?

This offer is for those who would like to learn to shoot from scratch. If you have never shot before, then this offer is for you!

This is basic offer from for all beginners. The shooting range is an open space but we shoot all year round in all types of weather – the shooting stations themselves are roofed. An open shooting range offers a lot more possibilities to shoot like shooting using heavy ammunition or at clay pigeons.

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What does the offer cover?

basic shooting with an instructor
shots45 rounds
time1,5 hrs
buying extra shotsyes
available gunsPistols: Steyr RFP .22lr, Colt 1911 .22lr, 9×19 pistols: Glock 17, Walter P99, CZ P-07, Xdm 5.25, CZ 97B cal. .45, shotgun: Mossberg 500, Rifles: Kalashnikov, Colt M16 A1, Mosin 91/30.
Cost per person [zł]220,00 zł/250 zł*

You can shoot from every gun listed in the table above !

* depending on shooting range (open space is cheaper because of cost of the entrance)

When you have finished your first basic lesson, then next time you come you only have to pay the entrance fee and for the rounds, at the prices giveni the table below.

Entrance fee to the shooting range is 20 zł/ person (outdoor and near Lublin) and 60 zł/person (roofed shooting range in Lublin) plus ammunition:

CALIBER:weapon:price/round [zł]:minimum pcs.
.22lrpistol Steyr RFP, Colt 1911, carabines: Magtech, Anschutz, CZ 4551,550
9×19pistols: CZ P-07, Glock 17 gen.2, Walter P99, XDm 5.25; VIS wz. 352,525
.38 SPECJALrevolver510
357 MAGNUMrevolver5 10
.45 ACPpistol CZ 97B AUTO410
12×70shotgun – 21gr-28gr425
12×70shotgun – slug or shots 34-40gr610
7,62×25pistol TT wz.33, PPSh-41410
7,62×39AK-47 Kalashnikov410
7,62×54Mosin 91/30510
5,56×45/.223Colt M16 A1, AR-15510
clay pigeonsclay pigeon with ammunition (1 shot)510
clay pigeonwithout ammunition1,510
targetpistol, „soldier”, „frenchman”11

If you would like to sign up on shooting- call me:

883 188 885,

Call everyday from 8.00 to 22.00